Your safety is important

At Salling Group, it is important to us that you as a customer can rely on us and the products we sell in our stores. You should be able to feel completely confident that our quality, hygiene and safety are of the highest order.

Food safety

We will never compromise on food safety. We closely follow the applicable laws and regulations from the European Union and the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, which forms the basis for our work on food safety.

The group's internal quality department

Our internal food monitoring is implemented by our quality department, which is in close, daily contact with our stores and purchasing departments, and the authorities. The quality department consists of specialists who have an educational background in food.

The quality department's main task is to ensure that the laws provided by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration are upheld. Therefore, we place great importance on training and providing guidance to employees on food safety, so employees have the necessary knowledge of hygiene and the right qualifications to handle food.

The quality department also sets the framework for the development and improvement of procedures and routines that relate to food safety and risk management.

Cooperation within the retail industry

Salling Group participates in the industrial classification code for supermarkets, which is a collaboration of retailers across the whole industry and is assessed by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. This cooperation ensures knowledge sharing so the retail industry maintains a generally high level of food safety.

Recalls and withdrawals 

We make every effort to ensure that all the products we sell are safe and responsible. But if it becomes necessary to recall a product, we have a very fast and efficient procedure to ensure fast action from the head office and warehouses to the stores.

If a product sold in our stores or online is suspected of posing a health risk, we will contact the relevant authority, immediately remove the item from our shelves and send out a press release with detailed information about the recall to the major news agencies.

If a less serious quality problem with one of our products is discovered, we will inform the relevant parties and withdraw the product in question from our warehouses and stores.

Hygiene policy

Hygiene is a high priority at Salling Group. We insist, therefore, that all employees who produce food in our stores must have a hygiene certificate – even if it is no longer a legal requirement.  

Laboratory control

In order to ensure a high standard of food safety, we take many precautions when we handle and work with food. This means, among other things, that we demand high production standards from our suppliers, and we conduct a wide range of product tests to ensure our customers' safety. Through the use of laboratory control, we undertake microbiological and chemical tests in order to prove the reliability and quality of our brands.

Pesticide checks 

Pesticides used in agriculture and can be harmful to both humans and the environment. As a result, our fruit and vegetables are tested for pesticide residues and microbiology at an independent laboratory before they end up in the stores.


At Bilka and føtex, we sell our own brand VRS clothing, shoes, accessories and sports clothing, which have strict requirements on quality, safety, chemical and technical parameters.
These requirements are used by our own designers and buyers in the development of products, and subsequently these requirements are placed on our suppliers.

We have internationally recognised testing agencies to test the products after our testing programme to ensure that the requirements are complied with, and random checks ensure that textile products do not contain harmful substances.

Before the clothes end up on hangers in the stores, we perform our own tests on the product. Here we test the fit, colour permanency, shrinkage and changes that occur during washing and daily use.

Cleaning supplies and laundry detergents

In our own private label series, we have a variety of cleaning supplies and laundry detergents. You can find data sheets for individual washing and cleaning products in Denmark via the link.

  • Consumer fact sheets containing information about the products’ content.
  • Safety data sheets are available for several of the products. Safety data sheets contain information regarding safety, health and environmental properties. These are used for technical purposes. If a safety data sheet is missing, please contact us here.

Link to data sheet.

The Danish Smiley Scheme

We always strive for the happiest smile. Since 2001, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has given smileys to all retail businesses in order to indicate how well companies comply with the food law.

Our goal is always to be able to show the happiest smiley, which means that food inspectors have not made any comments on their last visit. The smiley reports are placed at the entrance to our stores, so they are visible to everyone.

Read more about the Smiley Scheme at Here you can find all the smiley reports too.

Go to find smiley.

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