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Salling Group owns and operates the discount chain Netto in Denmark, Poland and Germany, and in Denmark; the grocery chains føtex and Bilka as well as Salling Department Stores, the toy store chain BR and associated online stores in Denmark.

In addition, the company operates the franchise chains Starbucks and Carl's Jr. on the Danish market.

Thus, Salling Group is Denmark's largest retail group with 12 million customers and guests every week in our stores and restaurants.

Since 1906, our stores have been the foundation of Salling Group. They still are. But today we are much more than that. Shops, webshops, coffee shops, restaurants, meal boxes and a number of own brands are all part of Salling Group. Our chains and stores offer products and shopping experiences to suit all customers' finances and needs.

foetex logo

føtex operates more than 100 warehouses and offers a wide range of foods, non-food products and textiles. The name føtex combines the Danish words of foods and textile, and the chain is renowned for having a wide assortment of high quality. It has been like this ever since Herman Salling opened the first føtex in the city of Aarhus in 1960.

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Bilka logo

In 1970, Bilka opened its first discount department store in the suburb of Tilst on the outskirts of Aarhus. Today, the Bilka chain includes 18 low-price department stores and one A-Z department store distributed throughout Denmark. Bilka is based on a simple philosophy: Quality at a low price, good customer service and skilled employees. Bilka is Denmark's only hypermarket - with Denmark's largest selection of products.


As Denmark's largest discounter, we work every day to provide our customers with the best possible products at the lowest possible prices. It is our goal to make quality products at low prices available to all consumers. Netto has a strong focus on organic products - for instance through its own ØGO-brand. At Netto we have room for everyone and we believe that a diverse workforce makes for a stronger workplace.


At BR, we want to offer our guests a unique experience when visiting our stores. A shopping trip in BR should always be exciting and inspiring - with lots of fun surprises at child's height. That is why our stores are large and spacious - so there is plenty of space and room for play, speed and trouble.


Salling logo

Salling is a modern department store with a wide selection of leading brands in fashion, lifestyle, interiors, well-being and foods. Salling today employs more than 1,100 employees and is part of the Salling Group.


Starbucks logo

In 1971, the first Starbucks coffee shop opened on Pike Place in Seattle. From the beginning, there was a desire to create a sense of connection with the guests, and today it is still important to live up to this mission. Today, Starbucks is the world's largest coffee chain with more than 33,000 coffes shops. Salling Group owns and operates the 14 coffee shops located in the largest cities in Denmark.

Carl's Jr.

The burger chain Carl’s Jr. was founded in 1941 in California and has been a burger enthusiast favorite for more than 80 years. Carl’s Jr. is best known for it’s iconic flame-grilled large burgers, juicy breaded chicken tenders, shakes made on vanilla ice cream and free soda refills. Today there are more than 3,900 restaurants in 40 countries, and more coming. In Denmark, there are 16 Carl's Jr. restaurants distributed across most of the country, all owned and operated by Salling Group.

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FLOWR logo

With FLOWR, your flower delivery is just a few clicks away. As your very own online florist, FLOWR helps turn life's small and big occasions into something very special. When it's pouring down in torrents and you don't want to head for the florist on the corner; when you suddenly remember that the birthday party you can't make it to is this weekend; FLOWR is your go-to.



Meal boxes delivered directly to the door are gaining more and more traction with Danes. Not only is it easy when you simply unpack the quality products and place them in the fridge, but also the everyday difficult art of inventing the evening and week's meals is done for you. Salling Group entered the meal box market in 2017 when we invested in Skagenfood and bought 80 percent of the company.



Private labels

At Salling Group, we offer a wide range of products under our own private labels. This makes it easy for our customers to purchase quality goods that cater to every budget. It also simplifies shopping for organic or plant-based products, as well as items without gluten, lactose, sugar or perfume.

If you're shopping at Bilka and føtex, keep an eye out for Salling, Salling ØKO, Salling Fri, Salling Princip, Budget Levevis and VRS.

When shopping at Netto, watch for our numerous brands like Spir, Hello Sensitive, Nemt and many more. We now have around 13,000 products under our own labels on store shelves across our chains.

By taking responsibility for our brands, we also have a greater degree of control over how they are produced.

Responsibility behind strong brands

With thousands of products, we are fully aware that we contribute to the footprint on the world around us – a world that is a part of our daily lives now and in the future. Therefore, in the production of our goods, we consider the well-being of animals, people, the environment and our surroundings.


Salling makes it easier for you to find value for money among a sea of choices. With over 6,000 items, Salling can offer most of what you need – whether it's what you consume, what you wear, what's in your kitchen drawers or what's in your plant pots on your terrace.


Salling ØKO is for those who expect both organic and quality at a great price. Because we believe that organic options should be accessible to all, our prices are set at a level where everyone can participate.


Princip is for customers who won't compromise on the quality of their food. Princip stands for exquisite quality, gourmet moments and delicate taste experiences for every palate and occasion. This series offers luxurious food items at competitive prices.


Vores® is a range of everyday products that allow you to buy quality without breaking the bank. Vores® products have the same standard as other quality items in the store – at affordable prices, no less.


VRS is our own clothing brand exclusively available in Bilka and føtex, and it has become a recognised fashion brand in the textile industry. VRS offers a wide selection of fashion, sportswear, basics, underwear, shoes and accessories for the whole family.


Since its start in 1905, the focus has been on providing quality bicycles at good prices, which is a principle that still holds true today. Additionally, considerable effort goes into developing the right designs that blend SCO's rich history with current trends.

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