Employee information

When you work at Salling Group, you are part of a group of 59,000 employees. Whether you are a new employee or have been in the group for many years, there are some rules and guidelines that you need to know. On this page, you will find important documents and information that may be useful for you as an employee of Salling Group.

Employee handbook

Being employed at Salling Group has many advantages. In the employee handbook, you can read about some of the many opportunities and benefits we offer you. The employee handbook also contains the most important general rules.

Fitness for work self-declaration form

If you are or have been absent from work, and you have to fill in a fitness for work self-declaration form, then you can find it here.

Privacy policy for employees

Requests regarding personal data

According to the data protection regulation, you have a number of rights in relation to our processing of information about you as an employee. If you want to make use of these rights for employment-related personal data, you can contact us via the link.

GDPR requests regarding employment-related personal data


At Salling Group, we want to run a company that not only follows, but is also characterized by strong values and high ethical standards. Who we are and how we behave are decisive for us to gain trust. Trust from our customers, from our business partners and from the society we are part of.

It is important to us that our company culture is open, safe and trusting, and we want to promote an open dialogue. For the Salling Group, it is important that irregularities or unethical behaviour come to light – and are dealt with properly. It is therefore absolutely crucial that customers, suppliers, stakeholders and, not least, employees have the opportunity to share experiences freely – about us and with us.

However, we recognise that there may be situations where it may be difficult to provide information or report experiences about employee behaviour. In the Salling Group's Whistleblower scheme, you as an employee, former employee or business partner can safely and anonymously report irregularities or illegalities in connection with activities related to the group.

You can read more about Salling Group's whistleblower scheme in our whistleblower policy, and here you will find a link to our whistleblower portal, where you can report your suspicions or knowledge of serious legal offences.

If you are employed by the Salling Group, we would like to encourage you to contact your immediate manager in the first instance. You can also contact your working environment and/or union representative or our HR department.

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