Our policies set a clear direction for our way of running a sustainable business and describes what we demand from our suppliers and employees. Find more information in our policies below.

Tax policy
Taxes are an important contribution to society, and we focus on being a responsible partner and on communicating openly on tax issues.

Data ethics policy
Our data ethics policy.

Anti-corruption policy
We want to contribute to a business environment free of corruption, and our policy sets clear demands of our leaders and employees.

Whistleblower policy 
It is important to us that our corporate culture is open, safe and trusting.

Policy on eggs
We care about animal welfare and we recognise the importance of sourcing eggs from systems where hens can exhibit their natural behaviour.

Policy on responsible sourcing
We are aware of that our purchasing activities may have potential negative influence on humans that are involved in the different tiers in our value chain.

Policy on animal welfare
All animals involved in the manufacture of our products must be treated in accordance with animal welfare laws and recognized standards.

Policy on animal welfare for textile and non-food
Any materials derived from animals used in our products must be from animals that are treated in accordance with animal welfare laws and recognized standards.

Policy on soy
It is our goal that all soy in our own products must be certified and sustainably produced.

Policy on plastic
We strive to use less plastic and other packaging materials and secure better reuse and recycling of plastic.

Policy on seafood
Our goal is to sell only sustainable fish, seafood and fish products.

Policy on palm oil 
Our goal is that all palm oil in our own products will be certified and sustainably produced.

Policy on textile waste 
Our goal is to have a responsible textile production and recycling. 


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