Health begins in the store

Health is more important than ever to our customers, and an ongoing dialogue with customers has shown both an increasing demand for healthier products but also the complexity in knowing what is healthy.

As Denmark's largest retailing group, we have a responsibility. Through our range of products, we want to inspire and make it easier for our customers to make healthier choices.

We want to meet the demand by having a large range of Keyhole-labelled and wholegrain products, a store setup with a focus on fruit and vegetables in new Netto stores, concealed tobacco and health-promoting partnerships. Health is not only what we eat and drink.

This is why we support a number of initiatives that support the physical and mental health of children and adults.

Therefore we support a number of initiatives that support the physical and mental health of children and adults.

We want to inspire and make it easier for everyone to make healthier choices


We want to inspire healthier choices

We would like to ensure that there are even more products with the government-regulated nutrition label, Nøglehullet (the Keyhole). In the future, it will be even clearer for our customers to identify products with the Nøglehullet-label. For example, by grouping products with the label in føtex and Bilka's promotional flyers, along with an explanation of what the Nøglehul-label means. The initiatives we have taken are in response to customer dialogue and demand, as they have wanted more products with the label.

The label signifies that these are products that contain a high amount of fiber and whole grains and generally have lower levels of fat, unsaturated fat, sugar, and salt. In addition to the Nøglehul-label, we will continually share more recipes on our social media platforms, focusing on greener dishes and providing inspiration for plant-based meals.

In the videos below, you can see more about Nøglehullet (the Keyhole) and how we try to inspire healthier choices.


  • noglehul

    Nøglehulsmærket - The Keyhole-label

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First to hide tobacco products on the shelves

Salling Group were the first Danish retailer to hide away cigarettes and other tobacco products in all of our stores - across the Netto, føtex, Bilka and Salling formats in 2018.

We followed a clear recommendation from the Danish Cancer Society, the Heart Association and the Medical Association to hide tobacco in retail – a step towards ensuring a smoke-free generation in Denmark by 2030.

Since we took the initiative and moved first in hiding cigarettes, more than 116 million fewer cigarettes has been sold in føtex, Netto and Bilka. In 2021, it became mandatory for all points of sale in Danish stores to hide the tobacco.

We are a member of the partnership Røgfri Fremtid, which works to ensure that we have a smoke-free generation of young people by 2030.


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